Radio Check Podcast
Radio Check Podcast
RCPod 1: Two Interviews and A Statement

Dispatch 02072031-1000: two interviews and a statement.

This episode is written, produced, and edited by J Castillo, co-produced and directed by Rowan Hill, and developmentally edited by Evelyn Mara.

See “The Team” for more credits.

Content Warnings:

Interrogation, static noises, yelling, panic Attacks, robotic voices, manipulation, reliving trauma, vomit noises/coughing, dehumanization, chair screeching, restraints/handcuffs, heart monitor beeping, heart monitor flatlining, clock ticking, medical experimentation (mention), Loss of self-control (mention) Capture/imprisonment (mention), Mind Control (mention) 

Music in this video are (from): Dark Fantasy Studio

Sounds effects in this episode are from, (edgardo, kwahmah-02, EverydaySounds, mredig, amholma, 200154michaela, bennychico11, gfreqman, razzvio, supercow8399, LouisDirector, odilonmarcenaro, rivernile7, fillsoko, zimbot, reenen007, fabrizio84, loveburd, biancadrey, 200154michaela, LittleRainySeasons)

Attribution: Licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license.

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